Jordan Gooden

Jordan Gooden
She, her, hers
Towson University Student
Jordan Gooden is currently a senior at Towson University, majoring in Mass Communications with dual tracks in Advertising and Public Relations. She is a student, creator, and an aspiring multi-media professional. Jordan currently serves as Assistant Director of Marketing for Campus Activities Board. She also is President of AdFed Towson University.
The core of her passion comes from understanding how her journey has allowed her to experience many different things. The journey one ventures on to lead them to their career introduces them to new faces, new ideas, new cultures and new perspectives everyday – modern communication. Having grown up in many different communities, predominantly in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area and eventually South Florida, eldest child of single African-American parents, she appreciates her diverse experiences as they have led her to be more appreciative of innovative communication. She has completed 6 internships in my undergraduate career. Two of those were with boutique marketing agencies and the others were with companies including A&E Networks, 2 at NBCUniversal, and TikTok this past Summer 2022. She is also an alumni of the T. Howard Foundation Internship Program; whom she credits for introducing her to her dream career in Advertising Sales.
Jordan will present at TEDxTowsonU 2022 the idea of preparing to fail for success. Throughout her early career, she has faced many rejections and setbacks that have motivated her to keep going. She attributes her success now to the many things that I was denied from, failed at, and overcame. She hopes to inspire others on their early career journey.